My Facebook Ad Strategy

I’ve crafted this ad campaign based on the idea that a consumer must see your ad 3+ times for it to be effective.  (This is known as the Effective Advertising Frequency)

Audience Size

I need to reduce my initial audience size so I can afford for them to see my ad 3+ times. For the scrunchie leash, I’m running this ad to women age 22+ in Greenville SC who are interested in the Greenville Humane Society.  Facebook says there are about 6,800 such people.


  1. Run a series of ads to the initial audience. (first ad exposure)
  2. Track those that visited the website after seeing the first ad. (second exposure is the website visit)
  3. Run another facebook campaign to those that have already visited my website (third exposure)

Facebook has tracking “pixels” that you can install on your website so they know who visited your website. That is how I’m running ads to people that already visited my site.  The pixels also allow facebook to see who bought something so they can run the highest performing ads to more people.

My Ads For The Initial Audience

Here is how one looks in context. The other photos are below.


As usual, I could really use some feedback. Let me know what you think about the ads and the strategy!

Picture2 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8 Picture9 Picture10


My Facebook Advertising Strategy

I’ve dabbled in Facebook ads in the past, but I really haven’t given it enough of a chance to see results. Now, I’ve decided to find out if it lives up to the hype, and this time I’m going to do it right.


Facebook offers automatic ad optimization (called optimized CPM) and I never used or understood it in my previous attempts.

Previous Attempts:

Create ad. Throw $30 at Facebook. Get some clicks. No Sales. $30 is gone. End of Story.

Seems pretty weak, right?

Using Automatic Ad Optimization:

Create a bunch of different ads. Choose a mid-sized audience. Install conversion tracking on my site so facebook knows which ads are generating sales. Let Facebook automatically identify and run the best ad to the best audience to get me the most sales. and Boom! I’m a billionaire.

Is it really that easy?

I’m sure it isn’t. Your ads have to be good. Your audience has to be well-chosen and highly targeted. Also, there are certain truths about purchasing psychology that play into it. Recently, a marketing friend of mine told me that a person has to encounter your product ad 3 times (on average) before they’ll be inclined to purchase. That means even if you hit the right people with the right ad, you still have to find them enough times to get it to turn into a sale.

My Plan

I haven’t decided how big my ad budget is yet, but I plan to make myself a student of Facebook advertising. I’ll be meeting with my marketing friend next week to discuss it and I’m considering purchasing a course on Facebook advertising.

I’ll be sharing the things I learn on this blog, so make sure you subscribe!

Two Blog Posts I Found Useful on Facebook Ads:

Good blog post on Optimized CPM:

I also learned a lot from this post:

You Don’t Need Photoshop: Blurred Edges

If you operate a blog or a website, you know how important good images are. The only issue is that not everybody can afford fancy tools like Photoshop, so here is another lesson on editing photos with Powerpoint.

Read the first lesson here.

Adding Blurred Edges Like Instagram

Dog Original


Dog After Powerpoint

After Powerpoint

First, I used the Corrections drop down menu and the Colors drop down menu to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation to make the colors more vivid. (The overhead light in my living room just wasn’t giving me the drama I wanted)

Next is the cool part.

Copy and Paste the image so you have three copies. Use the Crop to Shape tool to crop one to a medium oval and one to a small oval.

Crop to Shape

Crop to Shape

Make sure the three images are lined up correctly with each other.

ProTip: Use the arrow keys to make fine adjustments to position.

Then you can use Picture Effects to give the two ovals Soft Edges. I made all three images different colors so you can see what I mean.

Layered Pictuers

Layered Pictures

After that you’ll be able to blur the background using the Soften tool under the Corrections drop down. Use the medium-sized oval to create an intermediate level of blur so it blends nicely.

ProTip: Select all three layers (like I did above) and right click. Select Save as Picture to output all three as a single image.

That’s it!

Edits like this take 5 minutes.. and on my computer, Photoshop would still be starting up by the time I’m done with this.

If you found this helpful, leave me a comment below!

How To Get Started With Social Media Automation

When you get squeezed for time, do your social media fall by the wayside? This happens to me all the time and I feel terrible when I wake up 5 days later to see my traffic has plummeted.

I do my entrepreneurial work in my free time. I also work a full-time job and take grad classes in the evenings. As the semester picks up, the amount of free time I’m able to find has all but vanished. Here is one step I’m taking to reclaim my sanity.

Putting My Social Media On Autopilot

This is something that marketing gurus talk about doing ALL THE TIME but there were various reasons I always ignored it.

“It’s really impersonal if it’s planned.” ~Me

Disappearing for a week at a time is impersonal. You can still respond to comments and interact.

“Generating the content is the hard part, not remembering to post it.” ~Me

Creating content is easier when you do a lot at once. Take a picture, add a funny phrase. Tell a joke. Link to a blog post. Comment on relevant current events.


Sitting down and writing 1 post takes me about 30 minutes. Sitting down and writing 10 posts takes me about 1 hour 30 minutes.

Due to necessity, I finally took the plunge and I wish I had a LONG time ago. It’s FREE. There are some limitations to the free account, but don’t let that be an excuse. Did I mention it’s free?

Here are the steps I took that you can easily copy.

  1. Go to
  2. Add your social media accounts. I’m using the Scrunchie Leash facebook page and twitter account.
  3. Choose a posting schedule. Choose time. Choose days. Don’t get hung up on this. You can change it tomorrow if you change your mind. I picked the evening every day on facebook and the afternoon every day on twitter.
  4.  Write a post and click “Buffer”
  5. Continue writing posts until your buffer queue is full (10 posts)

That’s it! Your social media is covered for the next 10 days. You can always post more if inspiration hits or you think of something that is time-dependent, but your minimum is covered.

Editing Photos in Powerpoint

Often when bootstrapping a business, it is better to get things done quickly and cheaply. Perfection can be an impossible burden.

I would like to demonstrate how I make some simple photo edits in powerpoint.  If you read my last post, you will recognize the photo below.

One Leash = One Walk

If you look closely, you’ll notice some yellow tint on the left side of the photo as well as a bit of purple and red.  I took this photo with an iPhone and did all the editing with powerpoint. (You’ll notice the header for this blog has a very similar photo.)

Here’s What I Did

  1. Softened the photo using the “corrections” dropdown
  2. Increased the contrast using the “corrections” dropdown
  3. Added three circles with color gradients and transparencies (70% in center, 100% at edge)
  4. Added Text with slight shadows
  5. Added the Scrunchie logo and used the “remove background” tool to clean it up

It’s not as clean and perfect as you could get using photoshop, but it works.

Never let expensive tools be an excuse for not moving forward.