My Plan to Increase Production 20X

Here is a sneak peak into the design for production process.  We are redesigning our production to allow us to increase the quantity of scrunchie leashes and significantly lower the amount of labor cost in each leash.  All while improving product quality.

Currently, after working a full-time day job, my mom (aka my production house) can sew about 6 leashes start to finish.  I would like to get that number to 100 leashes.  The only way to do that is to break down the process into it’s individual steps and get creative with the best solution for each step.


Here’s the breakdown.

Step 1: Cut the Fabric Strips

Old Process: Unfold fabric, carefully measure and mark the long strips that are used to make the leashes, cut the strips with a pair of scissors.

New Process: Order fabric on rolls that are already cut to the correct width.

Effect: This completely cuts out the time needed for measuring and cutting. (pun intended) An added benefit is the strips will now be perfectly straight, improving quality.

Step 2: Create Tube of Fabric

Old Process: Fold the fabric over and manually sew a seam along the edge, then turn the tube right-side out.

New Process: Use a sewing machine attachment that can sew the tube AND turn it right-side out continuously from the roll of fabric.  Then clip the tube to length.

Effect: This step will take a significant investment in sewing equipment to make it possible. Turning the tube right-side out in the old process is quite time consuming and prevents us from making the tubes smaller to better fit the elastic.  This will open up better designs for small dogs, reduce time and increase quality.

At this point in the process, by just revamping the first two steps we will reduce the time from about 25 minutes per leash to about 30 seconds per leash. This is a massive time reduction.  It will take investment in equipment, but the reduced time and increased quality justifies the upfront cost.

We’re still working on our time reductions for later parts of the process, but this gives you an idea of how production manufacturing can make a process WAY more efficient.

If I were to cut and sew a pair of jeans, it would take me hours.  A production facility can do a pair of jeans in 15 minutes.