How A Slapshot Taught Me About Business

When I was in college, I signed up for a lot of different intramural sports – many of them I’d never played before.

One evening my team and I were warming up for a hockey match when I noticed some of the guys ripping slapshots that looked like they had been shot out of a cannon rather than hit with a stick.

I secured a puck, wound up, and hit that puck with every bit of strength I could muster.  The puck slid leisurely across the ice.

“What?!” I thought “I just demolished that thing and it barely moved!”

I tried swinging even harder.  I tried holding the stick differently.  I tried twisting my body the wind up.  It didn’t matter what I tried, I couldn’t hit the puck as hard as these other guys.


But then…

My friend Garvin skated up to me and explained how it works.  As any hockey player can tell you, you hit the ice in front of the puck.  The stick bends a little bit so when you hit the puck all that stored energy is unleashed.  I tried it and the puck rocketed out like I was Wayne Gretzky.

What That Has To Do With Business

When you’re trying to start your first business (or learn anything new), you’re going to encounter a lot of challenges and wonder why things aren’t working out the way your favorite entrepreneur podcast is telling you it will.

Why are your facebook ads not returning?

Why are people not following your blog?

Why aren’t people following your twitter account?

The slapshot taught me that even though I’m working hard and doing everything I see others doing, things work out a lot better if you stop trying to learn it by yourself.  Find people you can learn from.  Not just blogs and podcasts and online videos… you need real people.

When I was on that ice, I could see everything the other players were doing, but I still couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working for me.

Get help from people that know more than you do. You’ll be glad you did.




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