My Facebook Ad Strategy

I’ve crafted this ad campaign based on the idea that a consumer must see your ad 3+ times for it to be effective.  (This is known as the Effective Advertising Frequency)

Audience Size

I need to reduce my initial audience size so I can afford for them to see my ad 3+ times. For the scrunchie leash, I’m running this ad to women age 22+ in Greenville SC who are interested in the Greenville Humane Society.  Facebook says there are about 6,800 such people.


  1. Run a series of ads to the initial audience. (first ad exposure)
  2. Track those that visited the website after seeing the first ad. (second exposure is the website visit)
  3. Run another facebook campaign to those that have already visited my website (third exposure)

Facebook has tracking “pixels” that you can install on your website so they know who visited your website. That is how I’m running ads to people that already visited my site.  The pixels also allow facebook to see who bought something so they can run the highest performing ads to more people.

My Ads For The Initial Audience

Here is how one looks in context. The other photos are below.


As usual, I could really use some feedback. Let me know what you think about the ads and the strategy!

Picture2 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8 Picture9 Picture10