You Don’t Need Photoshop: Blurred Edges

If you operate a blog or a website, you know how important good images are. The only issue is that not everybody can afford fancy tools like Photoshop, so here is another lesson on editing photos with Powerpoint.

Read the first lesson here.

Adding Blurred Edges Like Instagram

Dog Original


Dog After Powerpoint

After Powerpoint

First, I used the Corrections drop down menu and the Colors drop down menu to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation to make the colors more vivid. (The overhead light in my living room just wasn’t giving me the drama I wanted)

Next is the cool part.

Copy and Paste the image so you have three copies. Use the Crop to Shape tool to crop one to a medium oval and one to a small oval.

Crop to Shape

Crop to Shape

Make sure the three images are lined up correctly with each other.

ProTip: Use the arrow keys to make fine adjustments to position.

Then you can use Picture Effects to give the two ovals Soft Edges. I made all three images different colors so you can see what I mean.

Layered Pictuers

Layered Pictures

After that you’ll be able to blur the background using the Soften tool under the Corrections drop down. Use the medium-sized oval to create an intermediate level of blur so it blends nicely.

ProTip: Select all three layers (like I did above) and right click. Select Save as Picture to output all three as a single image.

That’s it!

Edits like this take 5 minutes.. and on my computer, Photoshop would still be starting up by the time I’m done with this.

If you found this helpful, leave me a comment below!

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