Month 1 Business Review

Yesterday marked 1-month since I launched Here is a quick review of how the month has gone.


25 Leashes Sold

  • 0 Retailer Sales
  • 20 Sales
  • 5 In-Person Sales
  • 0 Etsy Sales

4 Retailers Contacted

1 Online Retailer Added (


1 Blog Review (

1 Blog Review Pending

6 Facebook Posts by Customers

27 Shelter dogs walked (ahead by 2)


This was a good first month. We got some steam on the launch and made some sales. One concerning fact is that the majority of sales and activity was in the first 2 weeks. There was a drop-off after launch so I need to figure out how to reinvigorate myself and my marketing campaign.

My biggest challenge right now is time. I work a full-time job during the day and I’ve been taking grad school classes in the evenings. As the semester has been picking up, my time and energy available to scrunchie leash has diminished. I need to rework my schedule and get back in the game.

Another huge challenge I’ve been having is developing content for the scrunchie leash blog. I’m going to go more in depth on this in a later post.

My goals for this next month include:

  1. Add 5 retailers
  2. Get 5 blog mentions from doggy blogs
  3. Write 2 scrunchie blog posts per week.

I see retailers as my best sales channel going forward and I see blogs (both mine and others) as the best way to reach new customers. As you can see with my goals, I’m planning to focus on those.

As usual, I’m always looking for feedback! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Month 1 Business Review

  1. It sounds like you’re off to a good start! I am excited to see you guys grow and will help whatever ways I can! If I had a dog, I would buy a scrunchie leash ;)

  2. I am curious about scale… You seem to be shooting for a web presence/national/global scale right off the bat. Why not focus on something more manageable & tangible and stay local for a while? Make deals with local establishments and business. Like the shelter you’re walking the dogs at. Could you make a deal with management there to offer every dog adopter 10% off on a scrunchie leash? Try the same thing at various veterinary hospitals. Pass out coupons at dog parks. Put up flyers in the mail rooms of dog friendly apartment complexes. Flyers at running shoe stores (runners with dogs are one of your target audience right?) or at Petco. Set up a booth in a park or a mall or a near by college campus…
    If you can’t go local or have already tried such things to no avail, have you tried going personal? A few successful entrepreneurs I know used this approach to get there start and expanded from there with a supportive and vocal core customer group. Write personal letters (by hand) to all your extended family members, family friends, and close personal friends about what you’re doing and ask them to spread the word. Its a good excuse to get in touch and, since its personalized, you’re much more likely to get an active response.
    I might just be old fashioned and outdated, but that’s how I would start…
    Have you tried any (or all) of these already? To what extend and what was your outcome?

    • I agree with all of those ideas and I intend to try some form of all of them eventually. (I’ve actually joined a dog meetup and I go on dog hikes with other locals)

      However, my current strategy is to focus on the web. I like dealing on the web because it offers the time and location flexibility I need. I can work on Scrunchie Leash while I’m taking my lunch break at work. I really see the internet as my “local”. If you look at location, you could say I’m aiming national, but in reality, I’m actually targeting small communities of dog lovers online. These communities are my vocal local.

      I believe the reason I’m struggling is that I can’t give it the time it really needs to take off. So I’m trying to develop strategies that give larger returns with less work. If I can develop a good relationship with a pet shop owner, they can use their existing customer base to both our benefit. If I can develop a good relationship with a blogger, they can use their existing audience to help spread the word. This is why I’m choosing to focus on these two areas with my limited time.

      I think the multifaceted, grassroots campaign you described is a great approach. I just can’t actually execute it right now. I’m trying to open up my schedule so I can do more, but there are always limits. :)

  3. Great start. How many of the 20 people that bought a scrunchie loved the product and gave you good feedback? How many of these then went on to refer to others or mentioned it on your Facebook page. I noticed you saw you recent post. Make sure these customers are amazed with what you offer. Send a thank you letter maybe a box of biscuits for the dog. Something from the heart and don’t be afraid to ask your friends to help.

    • So far 5 people have said they love it on facebook.

      I love the idea of sending some biscuits with a thank you letter! I think adding value and connecting with the customers is very important. So far, I haven’t followed up with the customers, but that is definitely on my todo list.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

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