Editing Photos in Powerpoint

Often when bootstrapping a business, it is better to get things done quickly and cheaply. Perfection can be an impossible burden.

I would like to demonstrate how I make some simple photo edits in powerpoint.  If you read my last post, you will recognize the photo below.

One Leash = One Walk

If you look closely, you’ll notice some yellow tint on the left side of the photo as well as a bit of purple and red.  I took this photo with an iPhone and did all the editing with powerpoint. (You’ll notice the header for this blog has a very similar photo.)

Here’s What I Did

  1. Softened the photo using the “corrections” dropdown
  2. Increased the contrast using the “corrections” dropdown
  3. Added three circles with color gradients and transparencies (70% in center, 100% at edge)
  4. Added Text with slight shadows
  5. Added the Scrunchie logo and used the “remove background” tool to clean it up

It’s not as clean and perfect as you could get using photoshop, but it works.

Never let expensive tools be an excuse for not moving forward.



One thought on “Editing Photos in Powerpoint

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