Rare Peek Into the Thoughts and Lessons of a New Business

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Luke Schlangen, founder of Abamath: A Better Approach to Math (a math tutoring company) is going to be doing a guest blog series.  Read this real snippet from Luke’s email to a personal friend before he started Abamath:

“I’m actually getting really nervous… typically before this point (with the wind blades or buying a house) there has been something that came along and tripped me up. Then I didn’t have to pull the trigger and I was just fine… everything is shaping up… and I couldn’t be more excited, but this is the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my entire life… so it’s a little nerve-wracking.” ~Luke’s email to a close friend.

Luke Schlangen, Founder of Abamath

Luke Schlangen, Founder of Abamath

Luke is going to share the insights and the lessons he learned in his first 6 months of business.  Having read some of the rough drafts, I can tell you these are really useful things that anybody starting a business can benefit from knowing upfront.

The first post is coming out tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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