Product Design – Color Choices

After spending time testing and using the prototypes as well as building a following on facebook and twitter, it is time to progress to the final product. I ordered the final fabrics and the sewing labels.  (oh and btw if you’re curious…  and )

These are the colors my wife and I chose after polling some family members and after a heated debate about whether to go with Caramel or Khaki.


Denim – Avocado – Caramel – Dandelion – Red – Hibiscus

Organic Cotton

The fabric is 100% organic cotton.  This decision was made because eco-friendly products are important to my wife and I.  I want to create a company culture that mirrors my own values by creating a responsible product.  I think this will help our customers understand who we are!

The downside to this is that I wasn’t able to find machine-washable patterns in organic cotton.  I’ll keep looking, but for starters we’re only going to carry this six solid colors.

Ok, 7 Colors.

We also want to be able to market to the local university by carrying the school’s color – orange.  This created a bit of an issue because, again, it wasn’t available in organic.

We decided to offer orange in non-organic because I think it is important to be part of the local community.

I will keep looking for organic orange and hopefully correct this in the future!

Do you know any dog owners?

If you want to help, please pass our website along to any dog owners you know that might be interested.  We’re offering a 20% discount to anybody that shows interest before the actual launch.  (They just input their email and we’ll send them the discount when we launch)

We will probably launch in mid to late January, 2014.  As soon as the fabrics arrive, we’ll publish a launch date and start the countdown.


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