I Did It All Wrong – But I’m Learning

Earlier this week when I launched http://www.scrunchieleash.com I made a ton of mistakes.  Here is a quick rundown of my mistakes and how I’ve changed the site.  Here is the blogpost from the launch so you can see the photo of what it looked like originally.

My Mistakes:

  1. An entire page of nothing but a photo and some links.  Sure, it was beautiful, but I feel like all it did was confuse people.
  2. Had three pages and only one of them had a polite (and awkward) request that the potential customer input their email address.
  3. Nowhere did it discuss the many benefits and unique qualities of the product I was trying to sell!


After seeing a ton of traffic move through the site with nobody putting in their email address, I did what I should have done first:

I googled “how to sell a product online“.  How did I not think to do that before?


My New Site

New www.scrunchieleash.com

The New Scrunchie Leash Site


My new website is a single page squeeze-page.  The goal is to get people to enter their email address so I can inform them when the product finally launches.

In exchange for allowing me to tell them when the product is available, I’m offering a 20% discount.

The entire page is sales copy telling them why they should want the scrunchie leash.  I’ve been refining it and improving it, so it is changing little by little, but already I’m seeing WAY better signup rates than I was before.  Check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.scrunchieleash.com


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