Launching my Website With Squarespace

This afternoon I took the logo I created and the photos that I’ve been taking and turned them into a website using the platform! I am VERY excited to have this up!

Website Screenshot

New Website Screenshot

Why SquareSpace? is a drag-and-drop website creation tool. It allows me to make fully responsive websites in a fraction of the time and cost that hiring a developer and designer would require. Naturally, I’m working from templates, so I don’t have full control, but they have everything I need at this time.

I was also considering shopify, but the base squarespace package was $8/month compared to shopify’s $14/month. This doesn’t get me selling capability, but the upgrade isn’t too expensive when I do need it. ($24/month for sales capabilities)

Basic Website Strategy

There are three pages

  • Home
  • Purchase
  • Blog

The Home screen will welcome them.

The purchase screen will give visitors the option to put in their email address to be informed when the leashes are available for sale.

The blog will serve as the content base where I’ll post videos of the leash in use as well as photos and other material.

Check out the site: and let me know what you think!

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