Oh No! Product Design Flaws

I took my dog, Roscoe, for a walk last night.  I was looking to see how the leash handled him pulling.  I usually use a prong collar, but I chose to leave it off.  My thoughts:

  1. The leash is fun to use.  I got a little giddy because not only is it a different experience from a normal leash, it’s a superior experience to a normal leash.
  2. The pull strength is outstanding.  Imagine the sleeve of a long-sleeve shirt.  That tube of material is strong!

Then, the unfortunate happened.

Roscoe bit the leash for a little tug-o’-war and the material ripped open.

Ripped Leash

Ripped Leash

The leash was still functional, but a customer would not be very happy if they paid for this thing and it ripped that easily.

Path Forward

I have been testing the seams and pull strength, but I hadn’t though of ripping like this.  I’ll be ordering a hand-full of material samples for rip testing.

Flannel is a no-go.

I’ll need to rip-test the materials that were used for the other prototype leashes.

One thought on “Oh No! Product Design Flaws

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