Soft Launching my New Product!

The first handmade versions of the product are done. (Thanks Mom!)

Introducing the Scrunchie Dog Leash!

Scrunchie Dog Leash - Yellow

Scrunchie Dog Leash – Yellow

The leash is about 3 feet long when relaxed and stretches to 5′ 6″.  It acts like a normal leash, but won’t drag on the ground and won’t get tangled in your dog’s feet.

This is ideal for runners who don’t want to keep adjusting their hands depending on where the dog is.

It is also great for cold weather because you can keep your hands in your pockets!

Launch Strategy

I plan to first sell the leashes on Etsy to see if there is a demand for them.  Also, to test the product and see what people do and don’t like about it.  Then, I plan to start selling from my own site (which I haven’t made yet).

By “soft launching” I mean that I’m selling them and starting to tell people about them and get the word out.  I plan to make a facebook page and a twitter page for them specifically.  If it proves successful, I will use the customers I get to understand how and where I should be placing my advertising.

5 thoughts on “Soft Launching my New Product!

  1. As a dog owner, I love the product idea! But, what is its strength versus a standard leash? Is the elastic core thin or thick? How are the seams reinforced? These, and other questions pop into my head as I picture the thin elastic Scrunchies I used to wear, attached to my dog that will pull me after a squirrel. What’s the durability?

    • Thank you for that feedback! I think they are very durable, but I’ll need to continue testing. So far they’ve been tested with a 90lb dog and a 40lb dog. Do you have anything else that comes to mind as possible problems apart from durability?

      • Durability would be the first concern. The next question would be, how washable are they? And are they comfortable to hold on to?

      • Ok, I’ve been only looking at materials that can be machine washed. We were trying to figure out what the best handle would be for comfort and we settled on a wide flat handle. It is really great to loop around your wrist.

        How important do you think environmentally friendly materials would be? Is it worth it to pay more for organically grown cotton and natural dyes?

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