2 Ways To Be More Effective Every Day

I’m implementing these two principles to help me to be more effective every day.  I’m writing this to help others with productivity, but also to help me be more accountable.

Strangely, these only work if I actually DO THEM.  (Strange, right?)

The First Thing You Do

I read this tip in the 4-hour Workweek.  Figure out what the most important thing you need to get done today to feel successful.  Do that first.

If you get nothing else done the rest of the day, at least the most important item is checked off your list.  Don’t check your email.  Don’t read the news.  Don’t work on that less-stressful yet less-important project.

Pick the single most important thing and knock it out first.

The Ten Mile March

There are plenty of resources out there that go into detail about the 10-mile march, so I’ll only give a brief overview.

Basically, don’t run 50 miles one day and then sit around exhausted for several days.

Pick a small and entirely manageable amount of progress you need to make.  Do that.  Only that.  Make sure you do this every day.  The idea is to drive consistency and continuously productive behavior.

Even if you think you can do more, don’t.  Don’t give yourself the excuse to slack off the next day.

Do it every single day.

Good luck! I hope this was helpful.


The “10-mile march” I wrote about is normally called the “20-mile march.”  It is a reference to the race to the south pole between Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott in 1910 where Scott did bursts of hiking while the men were in good spirits and Amundsen was methodical and only marched the planned amount each day – every day. Long story short, Scott’s team died in the cold. Amundsen made it to the south pole and back on schedule.

7 thoughts on “2 Ways To Be More Effective Every Day

  1. Because of this article, I just implemented “The First Thing You Do” into my everyday, and it has been incredible. Picking one thing has helped me finalize a marketing campaign, get landlord approval for a $5,000 sign, and finish half of the cleaning at the new Abamath location. Thanks Jake!

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