Cost vs Growth? Both.

Soon I’ll be bringing a new dog product to the world.  It’s nothing world-changing, but it is certainly original.  The prototypes are being sent to me this week.  There is so much to do, it’s hard to stay focused on the tasks that are really adding value.

Things I need to keep in mind:

  • Business Success is measured in SALES
  • Only research the exact task I need to complete (don’t get research locked)

Cost vs Growth?

I’m trying to decide where to sell the product.  If I use an online sales platform like ebay or etsy,  I’m sacrificing only a small percentage of profits, but it would grow as the business grows.  If I use a custom sales site, there is better growth potential and customization, but the upfront costs are higher.


My plan is to start on Etsy and Ebay and migrate over to a custom website as sales increase.

My fear is the migration might be made more difficult by having started on those platforms rather than just starting on the custom site from the outset.


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