Product Creation a la 4-Hour Workweek

Over the holidays I’ve been doing a lot of driving to visit family.  (28 hours of driving down, 16 more to go)  I used this time to finally read (listen to) the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.  Great. Book.

For those that aren’t familiar with the book, it basically covers 3 things:

  1. Using your time more effectively.
  2. Earning money online.
  3. Mobile working and travel.

The part that really caught my eye was earning money online, of course.  Ferriss talks about business strategy and product creation in a straight-forward and detailed way.  The approach he talks about seems to be much less time consuming than idea extraction and software development.

Why abandon software?

There is a lot of upfront work that needs to be done before any benefits can be seen.  Ultimately I’d like to return to software, but for the time being, I want something that can be immediately realized.  A physical product is so direct.  Sell, fulfill, repeat.  If you can’t sell, then you don’t need to worry about fulfillment.

I’ll come back to software when grad school allows, but for now I’ll see what I can learn from this.  If anybody has any good tips, please let me know!

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