How Long Does It Take A Startup To Gain Traction?

When I start any new project, I have some timeline in mind.  Conscious or unconscious.  How accurate is that timeline?  Am I being realistic?

I was having beers with a friend last night, discussing our entrepreneurial endeavors, and an interesting topic came up.  My friend quoted a connection of his as saying that it takes 18 to 24 months to really know if something is going to succeed or fail.

Expectations vs Reality

Twitter had less than 300 users at 20 months.  That seems doable.  I follow the blog of David Cummings and he had about 4,000 subscribers at 20 months.  ZenHabits became a top 100 blog in a year.  Clearly, they’re in a different league than I am.

There will always be that fear of quitting just before it really takes off.  I ended PhotosMeow knowing that it wasn’t right for me.

For now I’m going to keep my expectations high and do my best to help reality get there too.

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