Strange Google Adwords Behavior: 25X Normal Site Traffic

I noticed some very strange activity when I checked the google analytics on my abandoned site recently.  On one day, my traffic spiked to 25x normal traffic.  I was left with a lot of questions.

My Investigation

Traffic Source?  According to google analytics it was all direct traffic.  Strange…

Facebook or Blog?  I stopped writing new blog content for PhotosMeow long ago and I hadn’t added any facebook content around that time either.  And even good posts only generated a third of that kind of traffic.

I started GetBackOn a few days prior to it, but the post that day didn’t have nearly the traffic to have an impact like this.  (2 visitors can’t possible drive over 100 visitors to a buried link)

Google Adwords

The only thing that was still driving any visitors to my site was my very modest Google Adwords campaign.  It was driving an average of about 4 visitors per day.  Then I realized that the spike was on the day I shut my campaign off.  Upon looking closer, I realized the adwords traffic buzz flatlined completely after the spike.

Chart showing a spike in traffic, then a flatline.

The spike at the end of the adwords campaign

My Theory

I had noticed throughout the adwords campaign that my analytics was showing fewer visits than adwords was charging me for.  My theory is that all those unregistered visits were somehow added up and counted when the adwords campaign ended.

Does anybody that knows more about Google Analytics/Adwords mind explaining this to me?

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